Pig Roasting Package

While our relatives in North Florida like to smoke their pigs, our friends in South Florida like to roast their pigs in a China Box or Cuban Microwave. A simple, effective and proven method of roasting a pig - or goat, chicken, lamb, turkey, pork shoulder, ribs, brisket, roasts, fish and other delicious game. This method of cooking produces amazingly moist meat and the crunchiest cracklins you have ever popped into your mouth!

The BrickWood Box PIG ROASTER PACKAGE Includes:

  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Roasting Racks with S-Hooks
  • Charcoal Grid
  • Charcoal Ash Tray
  • Stainless Steel Drip Tray (Optional)
  • Thick Stainless Steel Handles
  • Heat Directing Wall Liners
  • 93% Made in the USA
  • FedEx Ground Delivery INCLUDED in price

Roasting Racks with S-Hooks - Our Stainless Steel Roasting Racks are designed to last 3 lifetimes! We used the thickest wire possible, then double wrapped it for overkill. This rack is SOLID! The “legs” on each rack double as handles so lifting, rotating or flipping the pig is easy, quick and clean. Patent Pending.

Charcoal Grid with Handles - Quickly separate the solid charcoal chunks from the ash when cleaning the Charcoal Ash Tray.

Charcoal Ash Tray with Handles - As heat from the burning charcoal enters the Upper Oven and roasts a delicious pig, turkey, chicken or other meat, it creates a bit of ash. This tray catches that ash. Hence the name, the Charcoal Ash Tray.

Stainless Drip Tray with Handles - Built to last, our high-quality 304 Grade Stainless Steel Drip Tray that will never rust or burnout. This item is OPTIONAL as it is included with our Meat Smoker Package, so you won’t need a second Drip Tray if you purchase this package.

Heat Directing Wall Liners - 304 Grade Stainless Steel Wall Liners balance the temperatures inside the Upper Oven for evenly-roasted pig and other meats.

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