Pizza and Beers

I’ve been winding down the pizza oven activities for the year and have been thinking about my other other hobby: Brewing beer.

I can’t believe it’s taken until today to realize my two hobbies are perfect compliments to each other.

As I ponder pizzas future I also wonder: What are people’s favorite beers to go with pizza? Let me know…

Cold :slight_smile: but in reality I am seasonal. I always enjoy a nice Pilsner or Blonde, but come summertime, I don’t mind a Shandy, (Corona or Pacifico) or Wheat, and in the fall, I move to Amber. I am not an IPA guy, and though I don’t mind a stout, I don’t have them very often, but I think they would be a nice compliment.

For sure, both cold and seasonal. I favor a good Oberon wheat beer in the summer but will move to a brown ale or even a double bock in the winter with a short transition through an octoberfest in the fall.