Pizza Oven Materials for Sale

Hi all, I’ve got everything wrapped up on my oven build and have some materials I’d like to pass on to another oven maker. I’m in the Baltimore Maryland area.


That’s very generous of you! Looks like you’ve got a good build and you’re up and running. Congratulations!

If you don’t mind listing what you’ve got available, I think that will help get your leftovers moved.

Happy baking!

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Finally updating this post. Here’s what I’m looking to pass along to another builder in the Baltimore/DC region.

Arch form (I made my own, so it’s made from wood)
50 ish fire bricks
A dozen cinder block
Remainder of a fiber blanket
Bag of lime

Again, I’m mostly interested in these getting a good home, but a few bucks to offset my over buying wouldn’t go unappreciated!


Hi there, I sure do! Are you in the DC/Baltimore region?

I am in NJ but I don’t mind the drive. :wink:

No problem at all, I just texted you!
We’ll keep this conversation over texts!
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