Placement of foam form?

Hello, per STEP 10 of the oven construction directions, it says place the BACK of the oven 15.5” from the edge of the rear “firebrick”… I’m thinking this may be a typo and meant to say “standard brick”?? If you measure 15.5” from the edge of the firebrick(i.e. where the firebrick meets the standard brick edging) then there wouldn’t be enough space for the foam form(front to back). Either way, according to the diagram, the front of the form looks to be basically just set even with the front edge of the firebrick. Just wanted to be sure before moving on as that’s my next step in the build. Thanks!.. Seth

We noticed that too in our build. There would be a whole wasted row of firebrick if that were a correct specification. Anyways, looking at other peoples builds kinda feels like you can tweak it a bit and place it where you want…further back or forward. Also depends how large of a buildup you’re going to do on top of the dome. Or if you want to close off the front with a big elaborate chimney/brick wall structure like some have done.

Did anyone get back to you on this?

Yes, they did! Thank you very much…