Progress - Finally looks like a pizza oven!

It’s finally starting to look like a pizza oven! First layer of stucco is on, and I’m wondering if this is looking like it should?

The directions note doing multiple layers and not worrying about flaws and wire sticking through the first. I was trying to get a thorough attachment/seal to the wire and insulation and level-ish over having it look pretty. Another coat today to hopefully smooth it out and considering doing a third for a finish layer tomorrow.

Cortile Barile W/ 3" of insulation, on a formed-in-place hearth.

Hey, that’s looking great! Thanks so much for posting these photos.

And yes, your approach to the first stucco layer is the most effective one. Getting the little bits of wire fixed in place with the first coat is key. The second layer will cover up anything that is still sticking out, and your mason’s sponge applied over that second layer will do wonders.

There will be the obvious consideration about a third layer as to whether you need it. And one that will be obvious after you complete the second layer: whether there is room on the hearth slab for that third layer. You’ll know when you see it.

Everything is looking great, and best of luck with your remaining build. Always appreciate seeing progress photos when you are able!

Yup, you were right! A soft sponge float from HD gave the second coat a great finish! Any ideas on how long to wait for curing fires now? Everything except the stucco has been set for 6-7 days now.