Question about Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Hey folks. Some questions regarding fire blanket coverage:

1.) It goes up to, but does not cover the chimney?
2.) I plan to close in the front of the oven. Do I add any fire blanket?
3.) Other than the areas specified in the instructions, am I supposed to add fire blanket somewhere in some instance?. I thought I read some forum posts about modifications where you needed to add fire blanket.

1 Box of blanket will give you enough blanket to cover the body of the oven and the top / back.

If you purchase a second box of blanket, you will have enough blanket to place 1 or 2 layers of blanket around the chimney and the front of the oven. This will improve heat loss by a small amount… but having that blanket around the chimney and the front of the oven WILL prevent exterior cracking in those areas.

If you can purchase that 2nd box, you will be much happier w/ the results of the oven and the exterior of the oven.

If I choose to purchase the 2nd box and place blanket on the front and the chimney, then I would also put chicken wire on those spots and stucco/mortar over them?

That is correct.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket / chicken wire needs to be covered in stucco - so the stucco will lock in place. You can then paint the stucco or adhere some type of veneer.