Question about the Pig Roasting Package

Could someone clarify this package please? I understand that a pig could be roasted with the fire in the oven down below. Is this package for burning the fire in the upper box? Not clear on why all of the accessories are necessary. Can the pig be cooked over the direct coals in the upper oven without charring?.. is the meat far enough away from the meat to prevent direct grilling?

Hi Art,

I’m not as familiar with the ins and outs of the BrickWood Box (though I’m working through how to fit one in my setup for my next project). I’ll put up a flare so @BrickWood sees your question. From what I can make out, it appears that there is some duplication between the pig roasting package and the meat smoker package, and he has things set up so you don’t have to purchase those items twice.

Sorry about the delay in getting back w/ you!

Our pig roaster is similar to the Caja China style of roasting a pig (also called a Cajun Microwave). Whereas other brands use very thin steel and other lightweight metals in thin pine box. Our Pig Roaster kits are super-thick gauge STAINLESS STEEL that are designed to last several lifetimes in your insulated refractory brick and cement BrickWood Box. Obviously, our pig roasting kit cost more than other brands, but no other brand will last as long.

We’re working on updating the BrickWood Box Pig Roaster page w/ new pics & videos - it’s on the To-Do list…

And yes, the Pig Roaster package and the Meat Smoker package come w/ the same Stainless Steel Drip Pan. We can adjust pricing if you order both - and just send one drip pan.

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Thanks… just ordered my Essentials and Lower Oven packages. I’ll be getting the Smoker and Pig Roasting packages as I progress with the building.

Thanks for clarifying the Caja China style for the Pig Roasting Package. So I’m assuming that it’s not advisable to do a hog or suckling over direct coals in the upper oven? Seems like it would be OK with the rotisserie though.

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I haven’t had a chance to make directions for the Pig Roaster kit - but the cooking method is the exact same as the other Caja China-style roasting boxes on the market (you know the brands I’m talking about…). Just watch a couple of pig roasting videos on YouTube and you’re set!

There is a weight limit on our 5/8" hex rod Rotisserie, but a suckling pig - you’ll be fine. They don’t weight very much.

In the meantime, I’ll see what that weight limit is for the Hex Rod -

Thank you for your order!