Red brick mandatory?

New to group!!! I was thinking of using gray brick around top of hearth surrounding the firebrick. I want to stone veneer the outside and I think the red will throw off color scheme. Anyone have success with the gray brick??

Hi Scott, and welcome to the BrickWood forum.

Red, gray, yellow, or any combination you can out together…for what we call the hearth frame you are free to choose.

The important thing is that you use fired-clay “standard brick.” It comes in many different colors and styles. For the sake of your sanity choose the standard brick size of 3-⅝ x 2-¼ x 8 inches. Those sound like odd numbers, but they come out even when you account for the mortar between each brick.

Gray sounds like the beginning of a sharp look. Hope you’ll share photos and visit here often as your build progresses.

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