Reilly Family Oven

Built this Mattone Barile Grande over the summer. Took longer than estimated but I was doing the work on my own because of social distancing.

I am in Vermont so I went with a frost protected floating slab for the base. Up top, I went with a poured in place hearth slab because I was going to have a hard time finding people to help me lift the three slab sections into place.

The width of the hearth slab had to be increased by 4 inches to account the added dome insulation that is recommended for cold climates (I included some thermal images to show the great job that the insulation does). I also increased the length of the hearth slab by a couple inches to make sure that there was room for the brick exterior enclosure that I went with and the 6 inch lip that is needed for the door.

I have to say, the posts and pictures in this forum were very helpful in getting everything figured out, especially with any variations from the traditional plans. Hopefully this post can help others.

My family has been using the oven every weekend for pizza and other meals, we are excited to keep using it into the winter!

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Welcome to the BrickWood forums, John. Congratulations on completing a really beautiful build!

The infrared photos show exactly what we’d expect about heat loss—chimney and door, and everywhere else is cool as a cucumber.

I grew up in northern Vermont, and still have a family there whom I visit regularly. The floating slab on top of footings, along with the double insulation, is just what you need in a Vermont winter. I did the same in my southern Connecticut build, probably because I still expect winter to be as invigorating as it was in my childhood. It is, just on fewer days.

I think you have some of the better photos I’ve seen of the oven in operation. Thanks for those as well.

Hope you have many happy bakes with your new oven!

Hello John -

BEAUTIFUL oven! And w/ 4 layers of ceramic fiber blanket… you’ll be able to bake during a snowstorm! And I love the gabled roof! Someday… we’ll make a set of directions on how to build an oven as you did (but for now, we’re just going to send inquiries about enclosed brick ovens & and brick ovens w/ gabled roofs directly to this forum page (as you did a FANTASTIC job).

It’s amazing to see the heat retention and areas of heat loss in the Predatorvison pics! Speaking of pics… here’s your “Polaroid” Photo Gallery image. We’re hoping to have the new website (and your pics) posted by mid-Feb.

Again, GREAT job!