Rocket stove heat source

I keep seeing these videos about rocket stove and wondering if you could use one of these underneath an oven put a hole in the oven from below and then heat it up that way is anyone looked into this Ken

Hi Ken,

It’s an understandable question, for sure. The thing these two structures share in common is they are well insulated.

The differences between a classic barrel oven and a rocket stove are considerable. A rocket stove is designed to burn very efficiently, with fast heat and little smoke. A barrel oven builds up and retains heat over a long period, with a lot of smoke. That’s kind of the point.

If you’re interested in the fast heat but want the qualities of a wood fired barrel oven, consider incorporating a Venturi burner into your build. Search the forums for some good discussions on this topic.

Ken if the oven is insulated properly and you use a vent damper and block off the flue by building an addtional wall you don;t need an addtional heat source.
I heat my oven to 725 degrees in an hour and 20 minutes. The problem with the barrel type ovens is that flue causes too much heat loss. Build a restrictive wall about 10 inches back from the main opening and install a flue damper, The wall which will reduce the opeing by about 35% will cause more heat to stay in and also will wall off part of flue. This will cause the oven to act like a dome type oven in which the flue is seperate from the main heating part of the oven. Also add as much insulation as you can. The more inches the better
email me if you want to see what i did .

Hey Dino,

Good to see you back! If you don’t mind, I’d be really appreciative if you could post a photo to this thread. You’re describing something a little different in terms of closing off the oven cavity and it sounds like it’s been really effective for you.