Sakrete High Heat Mortar for the Mattone Barile

My local Lowe’s carries this product. It appears to meet the requirements you list in this post:

High Temp Mortar

The data sheet is here:

High Heat Mortar Data Sheet

Will this do the job or are there other considerations I’ve missed?

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Looking at the Spec Sheet - that high-temp mortar is PERFECT!

  • The temps are good
  • It’s non-water soluble
  • It’s freeze-thaw resistant

Good stuff!

How much is it a bag? Is it a commonly stocked item at your Lowes or was this a special order?

I’ve NEVER seen this item at any Lowes - wish we had it here!

Thx for letting us all know about this product!

Well, I just searched it on Lowe’s site and it comes up. $58.98 a bag.

How does that compare to others? (I have not yet gone shopping for this item and it just happened to catch my eye yesterday when I was picking up standard mortar for the base.) They had at least one pallet in stock.

$59 per bag is a little on the high-side…

When we purchase High-temp mortar, we go right to the source - Harbison Walker Refractories. They are the nation’s largest manufacturer of refractory products and they have locations all across the US. While their primary distribution model is sales to other manufacturers and refractory installers, many BrickWood Ovens customers go directly to their distribution centers and pick-up their refractory materials (after calling to verify inventory of course).

Prices are about .$60 per LB for Mortar Mix 413 - their dry, non-water soluable High-Temp mortar… so at 50lbs per bag x $.60 per LB - you are looking at $30 per 50lb bag… but they may charge Johnny Homeowner a bit more (we get a volume discount), but not much more.

To find the nearest Harbison Walker near you - simply click on and then select “Refractory Dealers”. If they are too far away to pick-up, they also have FANTASTIC rates on delivery / freight (save a few bucks by having it delivered to your workplace vs. residential delivery which costs more).

And since Harbison Walker is not that far away from me, here in the greater New Haven CT area, that is a trip worth taking. The cost differential for me makes that a good trip.

There might be some folks who find that the Lowe’s option, if available, is better for them.

Here is the photo I took in the store:

high heat mortar

Back to repairing the ground around my frost-proof slab!