Sand for high temp mortar mix

Hi - I couldn’t find the pure silica sand mentioned in FAQ’s, but i did find white filter sand (pictured) that the store told me was silica sand… does anyone know if this is ok to use? Thanks

Hi Gianni,

You are A-Okay with that. Here is a helpful link that describes all the kinds of sand that can, and cannot, be used.

Sounds like you’re building the actual oven above your slab. Good luck!

Thanks Matt, yup at the brick frame step (step 1 on second set of instructions). Next will be sand and actual oven floor… getting there and this site, and you, have been a big help!

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So glad to hear that!

And you probably already know this, but the silica sand is not for the area under your hearth bricks. For that, you want ordinary all-purpose sand—the kind that the big box stores sell next to sacks of concrete mix.

Here’s a link that talks all about that kind of sand.

This was one of my favorite parts of building the oven, and I hope it is for you, too!