Skipping insulation (for now)

Hi all, we’ve got the arch, back wall, and chimney built, but we’re not willing to negotiate the freeze and thaw cycle over the next four months and put the insulation layers on.
Instead, we’re thinking about just using it as is, just bricks and accept that it’ll be hugely inefficient until we finish it in April.
Any reason we shouldn’t do this?

I’m not the expert, but I suspect that without the insulation, the exterior mortar joints will not properly heat cure, and your oven will experience terrible cracking. I would just put the project on hold until the spring. You may want to cover the unfinished oven with either heavy gauge plastic or a tarp.

Fair note of caution, thanks for your response!

I saw this post (linked below) when I started looking for guidance, which made me think it must be possible, but since that oven is a while different design it’s not apples to apples.

Hi @BrickWood team, any thoughts on this? I’ve looked at some curing guidance on other types of ovens to see if this would work, and since designs like poured castable domes and strictly brick seem to be out there, I think I’m safe, but would appreciate any additional insight.

We don’t recommend curing or firing the oven until the oven is fully insulated and finished.

But if you look at our Photo Galleries - many customers can’t wait that long (understandably) and fire-up those puppies to see how it looks.

Just remember to properly CURE the oven over 6-7 days… then SLOWLY bring the oven up to temp (60 minutes min… 90 mins preferred). Directions for both are on this forum…


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