Stucco finish/cracking

Hello! Thanks for all the help! Getting close to finishing but had a couple questions…

  1. My stucco finish cracked a little…just mixing some dry stucco mix that I have left would be fine? and re-apply this over cracks?

  2. I just purchased ecofriendly stucco sealer that was recommended from brickwoodovens website- can I just apply that by rolling this on in 2-3 coats?

  3. I am working on applying a layer of stucco to the base of the oven- over the concrete bricks. I plan to use chicken wire- but should I be using another type of lathe to hold the stucco? Or would checken wire be fine? My plan was to use cement screws to hold the lathe to the cement blocks.

  4. since I put the stucco on the oven- we had a few nights of rain and some leaves dropped onto the oven creating some staining of the stucco. How should I clean it off before apply sealer? Any good ideas?

Hi Steve,

You’d be better off using a vinyl-based stucco repair mix. It will blend in, stick to the crack, and afford the flexibility needed to stay in place. There’s some stress somewhere in the “stucco matrix” (which is entirely normal) and just adding more stucco won’t fix it.

Your plan for the stucco sealer sounds fine.

The chicken wire lathe matrix is fine for the concrete blocks, as is your plan for fastening it.

I’m not sure about the staining, and open to suggestions.

Good luck with finishing, Steve. Your build sounds amazing!