Styrofoam Sheets • Polystyrene Sheets. What They Are and Where to Find Them

You may have seen the large 4 x 8 styrofoam sheets at Home Depot, Lowes or Big Box hardware store and thought to yourself, “who would ever need such a large sheet of foam?” Well, now you know… You do!

Styrofoam Sheets or Expanded Polystyrene Sheets (EPS) are mainly used for insulation (walls, garage doors), but you are going to use this product to create a void in your Castable Refractory Hearth Slab that you will fill with insulation mix (BrickWood Box) or in the Concrete Hearth Slabs if your are building a BrickWood Oven.

No matter how many Home Depots or Lowes I’ve been to across this great country, almost every store keeps the EPS sheets in the Millwork / Fine Lumber section or in the Garage Door section (it’s an excellent insulation for garage doors).

Preferred Thickness:

BrickWood Pizza Ovens - 2" - 3"
Our directions suggest that you use 2", but several customers have stated they used 3" with excellent results.

BrickWood Box - 1.5"
If you can’t find 1.5", you can use 2" - but DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT GO THICKER THAN 2".

If the WHITE beaded sheets are not available, you can use the Purple or Pink kind (Pink Panther logo), but they are considerably more expensive.

Random pics of EPS in various Home Depots & Lowes in WA & AZ -

(He looks Cute - but he’s Evil to the Bone!)