Super Bowl Sunday3

I really wanted to cook the tomahawk fully in the oven, but I have never done a cut of meat that large. Since it was a Wagyu steak and so expensive, I decided this was not the time to test my oven skills. This is prompting me to hit up my local Sam’s Club, find some super thick steaks, perhaps a cowboy ribeye, and give it a try as a first. Instead, I slow cooked the ribeye on my big green egg and then finished it on the Tuscan grill and talked with a compound herb butter.

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And that’s a great reminder to use all the resources at hand. For many of us the brick oven is not the only cooking appliance at our disposal. Everything from a gas grill to an open fire pit can be combined with the wood fired oven to bring a dish along by stages.

Thanks for sharing your process and these wonderful photos @Demond !