Super large oven

What is the thought of building a large oven to be able to cook a large number of bread?

We have a 36" & 46" dome oven, but we had to pull them temporarily.

Too many supply chain issues… They may reappear mid-2022.

If we can get this planet spinning normal again.


Good to see you back, Scott!

Yes, what @BrickWood said. I had lunch at a local pizzeria yesterday that is built around one of those large, wood-fired imported Italian dome ovens with the gorgeous porcelain finish and lots of space inside to do what you’re describing. (I could smell the wood smoke on my way in to the restaurant and immediately knew this was my kind of place. :slight_smile: )

I know some of those are imported fully-built, and I don’t imagine it’s exaclty a breeze getting one of those right now, either.

I join @BrickWood in the hope that these issues get straightened out, and we all should be on our knees thanking everyone involved with shipping as they work to get it done. I know they’re far from happy, too.

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