Terra Cotta Clay Pipe Extension on a Castable Refractory Pizza Oven

I am looking to build a Cortile Barile oven but want to include a tall chimney that would extend about 6’ above the oven. U would prefer to use square, clay chimney blocks since I have some on hand. Is this possible, and if so, does it require additional supports or other considerations?

Hi Nick, and welcome to the BrickWood forums!

I’ve put your question up to the designer, as he knows the details about the load that a 6 foot chimney would place on your oven.

In the meantime, is there a particular reason that you want to build your chimney to that height? I’m picture the top at least 13 feet up, but there are sometimes good reasons to do that.

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Yes, I want to build at the end of a covered outdoor kitchen and I want to make sure the chimney is above the roof. It will also be built in as part of a wall with a fireplace next to it, meaning that the chimney will be inside the wall.

The Cortile Barile and Mattone Cupola ovens are made with solid Castable Refractory, so they can handle the weight of the terra cotta pipe. Especially the Cupola ovens - they can support the weight of an F150…

But do you need a terra cotta pipe? Is this for looks? You mentioned that the exhaust / pipe will be inside a wall - so why not use a lighter / less expensive stainless steel pipe? Single wall is fine if it is inside a brick chimney housing.

Please remember, BrickWood Ovens pizza oven kits are outside use only (we don’t recommend building your oven inside or in an enclosed room). The oven chimney catches most of the smoke – but not all. No oven can guarantee 100% smoke capture. Hence the reason we prefer our ovens be built outdoors.

But the dryer the wood – the less smoke you will have.**