The different types of Thin Brick Veneer Mortars & Adhesives for your BrickWood Oven / Box

Veneer / Stone Mortar – Polymer Modified Veneer / Stone Mortar is formulated with a special water-resistant polymer resin that provides TWICE the bonding strength of standard types of mortar (S, N, M, O). It is designed specifically for non-porous stone and brick veneer.

When purchasing mortar, go out of your way to find and buy Veneer / Stone Mortar.

Standard Mortars – Type S, N, M and O

S - Exterior – Excellent - Sticky and designed for ground level application.
N - Exterior – 750psi – Excellent – Designed for severe weather and high heat.
M - Exterior – 2500psi – Not recommended for BrickWood Box veneer application.
O - Interior – 350psi - Indoor use only (fireplaces, decorative walls, etc…)

Fortified Thin-Set Mortar – If you have experience lying tile, you might be comfortable adhering veneer to the exterior of your BrickWood Box using Thin-set mortar. If you use Thin-set mortar, make sure it is rated for EXTERIOR use and is designed for heavier applications (Natural Stone, Large Tile and Brick Veneer).

If you don’t have experience using Thin-set mortar – stick with standard mortar(s).

Construction Adhesive – Several of our customers have used Liquid Nails to adhere their veneer then applied mortar between the veneer using a mortar bag and tuck-pointing trowel. This is NOT a recommend application as the adhesive WILL eventually breakdown over time – it is not designed for high-temperatures, so the adhesive will break, crack, crumble &/or disintegrate.

I have personally repaired many landscape projects where construction adhesive was used and it failed. If you forgo our warnings and use construction adhesive to apply veneer, make sure it’s rated for LANDSCAPE and contains Polyurethane.