The Large Family Wood-Fired Outdoor Brick Pizza Oven in New York

“I would like to say the BrickWood Ovens Mattone Barile brick pizza oven kit was a perfect Christmas gift from my sister and brother-in-law in Tulalip, WA. Thanks for letting us share our experience!”

How did you get the mortar under the top slabs once it was in place?

Not knowing how long it would take me to place those heavy slabs I didn’t risk placing any mortar beforehand. Because the slab weight would keep the top from going anywhere and because the top of my concrete blocks were perfectly level I figured that I could dispense with the mortar if needs be. So… I finally got all three slabs in place yesterday using the pallet forks of my tractor and the winch on my UTV. It was a 2 person job that took several hours over a span of two days so I’m glad I didn’t apply any mortar underneath. Next, I’ll use a strap and the pallet forks to lift each slab, slather mortar under and between them and nudge them back together. Wish me luck!

I also had a perfectly level concrete block base. No way I was going to be able to lower those slabs onto the mortar. I rented a material hoist from Home Depot and slid those babies on like Stonehenge. Only took me an hour and they didn’t move after that. If they weren’t level after I put them on I was going to lift up one end and shove some mortar in enough to level them.

A photo of that would be great. (Although if you don’t have one, that’s certainly understandable. Even with a hoist I imagine you had your hands full.)

I only have a picture of the finished move. My 13 year old son and I did it. The hoist was about 40 dollars to rent I think.

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