Thinking about building a BrickWood Box

I’m looking at possibly buying a Brickwood Box and was curious how to purchase one! I see online it shows prices and also shows where you can get materials locally. I am wondering do you pay for whatever you are buying online and pick up most of the materials at your local dealer or do you have to buy all the materials at your local store on your own? Thanks

Hi Patrick and welcome to the BrickWood forum!

It breaks down like this:

The plans are free.

You purchase the grill parts (items like doors, grates, and so on) from BrickWood.

The common masonry materials come from local suppliers. You source and purchase them and get your best price.

It’s an interesting idea to have BrickWood contract with local suppliers, but the logistics (and the markups for those supplies) would be overwhelming.

In this arrangement, everyone does what they do best. BrickWood is a small family operation, and he sources the parts you’d be unlikely to find locally, and throws in the plans for free. Local masonry dealers give you a fantastic selection of brick and stone, and their margins for transportation are much lower. And you supply the “secret sauce”—how you envision, source, and build your unique Box.

Hope that helps, and let us know how we can be helpful as you move through your build.

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Ok thank you!
Another ? I have is can you use charcoal instead of wood? And does the price on the site showing roughly $1500 for a grill and smoker just your cost not counting the brick and mortar? Thanks

Here’s something you never hear a company say (and something I never thought I would type)… Don’t buy the BWBox at this time.

As Matt mentioned, we have a few parts made by WA based metal fabricators. And the quotes we are getting recently are very, very scary. When I first designed the BWBox a few years ago, stainless was $.35 a lb. Today, my quotes are $4.00 a pound - and going up!

Since all of our BWBox parts are overbuilt and EXTREMELY heavy-duty, they weight a lot… therefore, our manufacturing costs have gone through the roof. So much so, I’m seriously considering pulling the BWBox from the website… at least until prices come down.

For example, last year, we sold the handmade BWBox grill grate for $200 and that included shipping. This year… it costs OVER $180 just to purchase the s/steel to build the grill grate. Then we still have to weld and ship it… The cost you see now - we are breaking even.

I’m torn on what to do… It’s a great product and everyone loves it… but it’s become super expensive to fabricate and I feel like a schmuck for posting those higher prices. But trust me - almost each component of the BWBox is at or below cost at this time.

And no - you can’t use charcoal for the meat smoker… But you can use it for the BBQ Grill & Pig Roaster.

Thank you for your honest answer!

And you are correct, no company will tell you that! I was looking towards next year to buy one and start my build! I can tell that what I have read on reviews is that you guys do care about the customer! You don’t find that much anymore!

I am planning on buying a Bwb, and was trying to get some answers to make sure I understand everything.

One more ? That I have is if I have a concrete patio can the Bwb be assembled on it? I was not sure if anything needed to be done prior to assembling of a Bwb on a patio.

Thanks again for your time and honesty

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Hi, Patrick,

Re: honesty and caring—yes, that’s Kevin. His entire business is built around those values, and every conversation I’ve had with him makes it clear his purpose is to give otherwise-ordinary folks some brick-building superpowers. (And for what it’s worth, I’m basically just another Joe Homeowner with some forum “chops.” And a very happy customer.)

On to your patio: you’d be putting a lot of weight in a relatively small area of that patio. While the concrete on its own might be able to handle it, unless you are very sure of the patio construction (deep footings, rebar to spread and balance stress, and the grade of concrete used), I wouldn’t do it. There are too many things that could go wrong, and it would be sad to see your project start listing to one side after a period of time.

Explore the possibility of a limited demolition: removing a corner of the patio, digging down, adding gravel and building a form, and ensuring your high-psi concrete has a proper rebar grid reinforcing it.

It’s more work than simply building on top, but it means your build is highly unlikely to shift even a fraction of an inch.

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Thank you! I just had the patio done with reinforced rebar and around 5” of concrete thickness with the possibility of putting a hot tub and adding a possible outdoor grill to it. I was just making sure that I didn’t need to do anything to the surface of the concrete for the heat.

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In my opinion you’re good to go. Thanks for the additional details!

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@Kiesewetter Definitely build it. It’s a lot more fun to build than going to HD and buying one. The only extra that would be nice at times would be an automatic system (I.e. pellets, fan controls, etc…) but even then, I love the control I have over this unit. Plus it’s so versatile and everyone loves looking at it. I’ve used the spit as many times as I’ve smoked…can’t buy that at HD!


Please, do not stop selling components. I am slowly building my box and all I have bought is the lower oven package. I am missing the grills, meat smoker, grills, pig roaster, etc… I have not bought them because I knew I would take a long time to build, and also because everything is costly, so little by little, but I have always hoped the packages would be there.
As an alternative, you could post sizes for grills and things and give us some links to obtain the items from somewhere else, but it is easier to do it from you.
I appreciate you do this.

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I have recently received a few materials, so we can build a few items… but if you have your heart set on the Rotisserie Kit, you’re out of luck for the next few months. We just can’t get our hands on S/Steel tube… a key ingredient for our Rotisserie kits.

Other than that, we are good on inventory (for now) - but once it’s out… it’s out until this country gets back on track…

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Let us know when it’s a good time to get the rotisserie- the only thing I am still looking forward to. Love my brickwood box!

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What are the specs of the tube?
Perhaps we can use something else from somewhere until the actual tube is back in stock