What are your thoughts on Ceramic Fiber Board for Wood Fired Ovens?

The Ceramic Fiber Board (CF Board) is great for what it’s designed for - but is it worth the extra expense?

You have to order the board (typically 2") and have it freighted to your location. We say “freight” as carriers like UPS and FedEx no longer ship the board as it is easily damaged in transit. Secondly, when the board arrives you have to cut the board to the correct size - hope you ordered enough! Third, you just paid a lot of money for that board when Vermiculite / Perlite or Insulating Castable could provide identical heat retention properties for much less $$$.

BrickWood Ovens is focused on bringing you the ability to build an awesome wood fired oven - at a low cost!! One of the ways to keep costs down is to keep out the expensive stuff that adds little value. If you are going to spend extra dollars on insulation, purchase a second roll of Ceramic Fiber Blanket and wrap your oven with a couple of extra layers. You’ll get more bang for your buck with more CF blanket than CF board.

BUUUUUUT - If your wife has her heart set on that Ceramic Fiber Board… Here’s a link to a guy on Etsy that cuts & ships CFB Nationwide. DISCLAIMER - I’ve never used him before, but I do see that he has all of his sizes and prices pretty squared away. Obviously, you want to purchase / source all of your refractory materials locally - but finding Ceramic Fiber Board can be difficult. So just have it shipped to you if you can’t find it locally…

Ceramic Fiber Board Store on Etsy.