What is the Grilling height of the BrickWood Box

Can you tell me roughly what the dimensions on a building the Brickwood Box are? I was wondering for tall people (6’4) can you make it taller if needed? Thanks

Hi Patrick,

If you are interested in building the “non-smoking” version without the lower smoker/oven, it would be relatively easy to add another course of concrete blocks to the base and raise it to a more comfortable height.

If you do this, you also need to extend the vertical rebar by the same height (including a half inch for mortar), and of course you will use a little more masonry material.

Overall it is straightforward.

If you are interested in the “smoking” version, it will take a little more design thought, but also workable if you use the same principles.

Hope this helps as you plan for your future build, Patrick!

I was thinking of adding an extra or 2 or 3 layers of brick to bring the height up a little! I was thinking of the smoker version! I didnt know how much a few extra layers would change the smoker assembly!
Also, reading reviews I don’t fully understand the smoker compartment. Do you place your wood in that area and use the normal grilling area for food? Others have mentioned making bread also, I assume it is also in the grilling area?
Sorry with so many ?s but I am trying to figure things out so I can plan my build a little better!

This is the right place for questions, Patrick!

I’m venturing out into something I haven’t personally built, but here goes:

  • The upper box is fueled from its floor, which is a few feet off the ground.
  • If you build it, the lower box becomes a fullly enclosed space and you build your fire inside it. It is separate from the upper box.

I’d stand by my advice to build the base a course higher. It won’t affect the performance of the oven/smoker. But adding brick courses (and several of them) to the upper box will affect the height of the grill and that will affect how it works. It will also cost you much more in materials than adding a few concrete blocks and cutting your rebar a few inches longer.

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Thank you for your time! That answers my question.

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Can you tell me what the outside dimensions are of the box? I would like to chalk it out on my area and see where it would best fit!

Hi Patrick,

I think the easiest way to see that is to chalk out the base: 5 feet by 6 feet. That’s the total footprint for the oven, even though I know you are placing it on your existing patio. But I’d allow no less for it as working space.

55 x 37 is the slab frame dimension.

I do note that I’m unable to find a summary of the dimensions in the BB manual, but if you start around page 60 or so you’ll find enough information to get a good idea of dimensions.

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When designing the BWBox, I measured numerous grills at HD, Lowes and Costco - and almost all were 32" in height. I made sure to keep the height at 32" as this seemed to be the Universal height in the grilling industry.

I am 6’ 3" (maybe 6’ 2’ish now that I’m getting older)… but the grill feels very comfortable at the 32" height.

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Ok, Thank you!
I will plan on keeping it at that height!
Thanks for the feedback

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@Kiesewetter I built this and love it! I’ve had some cracking issues but that my own doing (I.e. too much water from the winter and then hearing it up too fast…this winter I’ll have a tarp to cover it). I agree that if you want to raise it, do it from the base. The wood goes in the base and the smoke rolls up. The brisket I smoked over Memorial Day still makes my mouth water. I added an extra 18” of concrete for the pad to give some extra space. Enjoy it!


The way I understand it, you place the wood in the lower compartment, and the smoke will float up to the grill, which would be covered with the lids (smoking package). The stuff you want to smoke would be in the grill, not the oven.