What mortar to attach granite face to oven?

Hi All. This is along the lines of my question as well. After I use the High-Temp mortar mix to close off the face of the oven (that’s the mortar i’m supposed to use…right?)…what mortar do I use to attach the granite face I plan on putting over the top of the close off area?? Also…how long do I wait before I attach the granite face piece (here in AZ…where it is ave 107F daily)?



 What do you mean by "close off area" Dwayne? If you are talking about anything/anywhere outside the oven then standard mortar is fine. As for you first question "that's the mortar I'm supposed to use right"...picture where the heat will touch...coming out through the chimney is a serious heat zone...front of you over by the door area will be scorching, especially the top and sides.
 As for what I consider "the counterop" area of my oven I just used mortar to attach the black granite tiles. Is there a couple of hairline cracks..sure, not much though.

Hi Carlos!

Thanks for replying. Yes, I plan on using high-temp mortar for the firebricks in front. Just wondering if I would need special mortar on top of the newly installed firebrick front.?

I am using half-depth firebricks (full-sized firebrick, cut down the middle to 1 1/4"). I’m guessing there will be heat transfer trough those bricks, into the Granite? Just trying to protect it as best that I can.


Hi dcarter7887,

If your worried about it. I recomend a thinset you can buy at home depot. Its rated for I think for 500 degrees. It’s used for tile around fireplaces. It used to be white in color. Work’s great.

My front of the oven is closed off and the outside face gets to about 200 degrees. And thats with fire brick 4.5 inches thick. You know you can buy split fire brick that 1 1/4 thick. Incase you didn’t want to cut down full ones.

Hi 423tommy! Thanks for your reply. I will look for that mortar. BTW…I did the chore of cutting the bricks in half last weekend!! It wasn’t too bad. Dwayne