00 Pizza Flour - Neapolitan Pizza Crust Flour

Has anyone had the opportunity to purchase / use the Safeway Select or King Arthur 00 Pizza Flour that is available at their local grocery store?

I have not, I did try a different brand of double o, I liked it for its workability, unfortunately I didn’t notice much of a difference in flavor, or texture. I definitely am not a world class food connoisseur, but I think what ever works best for you, and your oven is the way to go. Remember it’s all about having the best time! Not making sure everything is absolutely perfect.

I’ve been using King Arthur 00 and have been very happy with my dough, especially now that I am using a poolish and doing a bulk cold ferment. Walmart and Costco sell it too and seem to have the best price in my area.

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I have not. I had a good source for Antimo Caputo “Metro” 00 so I was able to make a bulk purchase. It’s formulated for high-temp baking like we do, and it definitely makes for easy handling and an awesome crust.

I say “had” because my supplier appears not to be in business any more.

I’d definitely try the King Arthur. My local Costco (East Coast) is on the small side so they don’t carry a lot of items you can get in the bigger warehouses, but I’ll try Walmart for it. (Also Connecticut is not Safeway country, and we’re ruled here by Stop and Shop.)

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I have used the King Arthur with good results. My only issue is my standard batch of 10 pizzas uses slightly more than 3 lbs of flower.

Caputo 00 Blue is my favorite. If you hit the sales right you can find it for less than $1 / lb in a 55 lb bag. If you have some airtight storage it will last for over a year without any degraded taste or performance. ymmv.


I found that King Arthur is better than caputo OO it crisps better and leaves the middle of the pie a bit tender. I mix 50% caputo and 50 % king Arthur – tremendous
I also find add your water at about 90 Degrees and when mixed and relaxed for 20 minutes
knead you dough by hand for a minimum of 6 minutes
good job

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@Dinovmakingpizza That jogs my memory. A couple years ago I emailed King Arthur about their flour and learned the following:

Their Italian Style Flour is 100% soft red winter wheat with 8.5% protein

Their Tipo 00 Pizza Flour is a blend of hard red wheat and soft wheat at 11.5% protein.

The Captuo tipo-00 Pizzeria is a blend of “the best Italian wheats” at 12.5% protein.

BTW the people at King Arthur are really open and willing to answer questions.


I have found that, too. KA is an employee-owned coop and still runs test kitchens to teach home chefs the art of baking. We have a great tradition in this country of millers doing this, and I really like when folks take advantage of this.

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I use bread flour. 12 % protein. Same as 00. That’s what they use in New Haven style pizza. Check out the Gelvones youtube channel. But I’m thinking of using 00 with their technique.

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