1st Pizza and Cracking

Had our first pizza today. It was delicious! Looking forward to many more pizza parties in our future!

I’m really dissaointed in the cracking that I experienced today, however. I followed the curing instructions to the word, but when I made pizza today, I noted a lot of hairline cracks. I may have added to much wood, however, because the oven floor was consistently measuring 850-1000 degrees. I had to cook at the very front.

What should I do about these cracks? Did I get it too hot?


Sorry to hear about the cracking. I wanted to share that my oven also cracked (hairline on the front of the oven) on the first bake. I think I made the fire too hot too close to the front of the oven.

Since it was just a hairline crack, I filled it with a little silicone caulk. I used the kind that dries clear. While it didn’t hide the crack, it has kept the water out and has been fine after many oven uses. I can’t say if will work for all situations, but for a hairline crack it did the job.

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Should I repair my cracks with silicone? Or use Rutland fire place mortar as mentioned elsewhere?

@Jsahrle checkout this thread: Crack arch of oven

I need to defer to @bikerbudmatt and @BrickWood but thought that thread was relevant.


Thanks CMG.

I think I’m going to use the mortar in a tube to repair.

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I had a little cracking in the front of mine also. Luckily it was just in the grout lines which was a easy quick repair with a little more grout in a ziplock bag.

Sorry about the delay! Yes, please fill the cracks with HIGH-TEMP MORTAR / 10oz tube by RUTLAND on Amazon (around $6 a tube).

And they come in several colors…

@BrickWood the tubes that are that cheap on Amazon are only for interior use.

Since my cracks are on the outside, I had to buy a more expensive version here:


Chimney Masonry Patch Exterior-10.3 Oz. Cartridge Amazon.com

@BrickWood and @bikerbudmatt and everyone else!,

I’m thoroughly confused.

The tube of high temp mortar available on Amazon for under $10 says it’s for inside only. The instructions on that tube refer me to tube 89 for exterior use. I bought that for $20, but that says it’s not for high temp applications.

Any advice or guidance?

Go with what @BrickWood said. Your cracks go into the brick. The high-temp product he recommended will hold up.