2nd layer of brick

I’m thinking of adding a second layer of brick to the outside of the oven to increase the thermal mass. Any thoughts? thanks

Brick is cheaper than the ceramic fiber, but the ceramic fiber will do a much better job of retaining heat. If you’re talking about fire brick, I believe it is more expensive than a second layer of ceramic fiber.

So, I’d say it’s a case of getting what you pay for. What would you do if the second brick layer didn’t retain the heat as well as you’d hoped?

I think the bottom line is that diverging from tried-and-true methods sometimes is fine, but once the oven is built, you have very little recourse should things not work the way you hoped.

I have also considered another later of brick. I believe it would then be necessary to increase the platform width and depth as well as the thickness. I know this will increase firing time. I would be happy to be able to make 20-30 loaves if the original design is suitable but I haven’t seen any production estimates.

Everyone is correct!

But I’d like to add… If you do brick-on-brick, please note the following:

  1. EXTERIOR CRACKING - If you get a hairline crack on the inside of your oven, you will see the crack on the outside of the oven. Except - it will be larger on the outside than the inside. Example - bring 4 fingers together. Now do the Vulcan salute. See how that small “crack” is larger on the outside? Same principal.


  1. HEAT LOSS - That second (and COLD) outer layer of brick is going absorb the heat from the inside of your oven like a sponge! The oven will never get as hot as it should / could. Which leads too…


  3. There’s a slew of other reasons not to do brick-on-brick… but those first 3 should be reason enough NOT to build a brick-on-brick pizza oven. ALWAYS use Ceramic Fiber Blanket.

Here’s a bunch of great posts about the benefits of Ceramic Fiber Blanket -