63% chimney to oven height

As part of the planning, I see that all ovens should have a 63% chimney to oven height and that a 100% oven to chimney height let’s all of the heat directly out of the chimney…we see this a lot on the dome designs, and I see a lot of professional barrel designs use the same concept…with the Mattone Barile Grande kit, it seems as if by design that the chimney is at 100% of the oven height. Isn’t this counter intuitive? Shouldn’t the height of the chimney be recessed to a degree to retain heat at the tops of the oven? Am I over thinking this like everything else?

That design is very common. It creates a convection that assist with heat retention. You could build an interior arch if you wish. Or the cuppola models seem to have that ratio.

But, wood fired ovens have been around for a long time with lots of designs. I can attest that without that ratio this oven performs. I think you will be fine without it. Anyone who tells you that you need that ratio for neopolitan pizza is incorrect.

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I agree, not saying I need that design, but based on the physics and research, it seems like the 100% chimney to oven height design is about 300% less efficient then the 68% chimney height to ceiling design. If I am going to add extra insulation and put forth the work…it would only make sense to ensure the design matches the effort…

My real question is, is this really a concern, or is there something I am missing that makes this a non-issue; or does the design leave out the drop in chimney placement because the foam mold would be more difficult to make?

I do not know what 300% less efficient means. Does it use more fuel or does it lose heat faster? Does this translate to more wood or shorter cook times? Is the 300% at the top end of the spectrum for certain climates and do you live in one of those presumably frigid climates? For you (because that’s all that matters when investing this much energy, time, and money), what are you concerned about?

I would imagine that the reason for this design is partially the cost of the form. Compare the other oven options on the website; mattone barile are the cheapest and simplest molds/forms.

I would keep researching until you are comfortable with a design. I’d also recommend reading “from the wood fired oven” by Richard miscovich. He has a section on designs of ovens.

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100% Newman -

Ando443, if you are looking for the lower chimney, please view the Mattone Cupola line of pizza oven kits. I think this is what you are looking for.

And as Newman mentioned, while the Mattone Barile series ovens have the direct exhaust, you can always retain the majority of the heat in your oven with a DuraTech Damper and a Pizza Oven Door. Both of these components help “seal” the oven and retain most of the heat inside for extended bake times and quicker oven refiring.

The other bonus of the open-face on the Mattone Barile ovens is the ability to use the oven as a wood-fired BBQ grill. Since the ceiling height is higher on this oven model, you have plenty of clearance to use your oven for grilling and smoking foods - not just pizza & bread. Just last night, we wood-fired / BBQ Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and some delicious Black Lemon Chicken that was on clearance at Safeway :slight_smile:

And I’m telling you guys - You’ve GOT to try wood-fired BBQ! You’ll never go back!

Thanks everyone for the replies. I am in a bunch of forums and overthinking everything. I read some articles saying that even on the barrel shape, the front and chimney should be lowered to keep the heat in…and there was a bunch of math and stuff I didn’t understand. Regardless, I am 80% of the way through my build. Finishing the back wall tomorrow then onto the chimney and blankets :slight_smile:

There’s nothing wrong with research and I don’t think there’s such a thing as “too much information.” I do admire that you’re recognizing the point where all that info because contradictory and starts to paralyze your actual build.

Good luck with next steps!

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