A retrofit to the Barrel

I continue to love cooking in my MBG oven. I was curious (I’m not quite sure what to call it.) If there was a retrofit that fits in at the top of the barrel sort of like a smoke shelf? It would probably be made out of cast iron and installed with a masonry fastener of some sort. It would hold back some smoke at first light up and once the fire was established hold more heat in. It would be great if it were designed in such a way to accept the oven door. Cooking with Carbon Steel and Cast-Iron Pans is so much fun in this oven. I thought I would include a picture of my new pizza tool holder I recently built from an old umbrella base stand.
Dave LaCroix

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Hi Dave,

Your oven is definitely getting the love from you (and from us!). The tool stand is clever and I just might be copying it since I have one of those umbrella stands hanging around.

BWO contemplates a masonry enclosure that would accomplish what you’re suggesting, but I like the idea for sure. I’ve never seen one but maybe some other folks around here have.

It is a challenge to keep the oven front clean with this design, at least when the barrel is open.