Accessories for BrickWood Box

I think we may need some accessories for this box.

  • I for one would like a charcoal tray. It does not seem to be very easy to clean.
  • I would also like some rails to place inside, for adjustable grates. I know the Argentinian grill can be used (somewhat) in that fashion because it is angled inside the grill, but something that can be held on the sides and lowered
  • What about a lid with an additional area to grill? we could cover it and leave something in the lid grates
  • small covers to close the critter holes instead of the mesh.

I am sure we can come up with some ideas to build it ourselves, but I am putting it out there to see if anyone has thought about that?
Has anyone thought of making the box a bit higher?

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Anything for the retractable steel tubes or hitch? I think I read something about a Lower Oven Table coming soon in the manual. I was trying to figure out how it would look.

I was actually thinking of building a concrete table/countertop next to the BrickBox, leaving enough clearance to walk by the sides, but I do not want to mess up any future attachment coming soon.

I am planning to build concrete table attached to the side, working on design now.

I have to use it more (its new and I’m trying!) to figure out what accessories I most want/will come up with. I have trouble getting the drip pan out the top without spilling all the grease… perhaps I just need to make that a two person job. But I am thinking about taller handles.