Applying Color additives (Tint / Dye) to Stucco mix

I am planning to apply a stucco finish over the insulation blanket layer per your directions. I would like to use a stucco tint or dye to add color while the stucco is wet, rather than painting the stucco after it dries. Any negatives or downsides to this approach?

Dyeing or adding color to your stucco gives the stucco a nice, deep appearance that paint cannot provide. I don’t see any downsides or negatives to this approach. You will still need to seal the oven as the addition of color is not a sealer - unlike paint.

By adding several layers of paint on top of stucco, you are in essence sealing the oven from the elements like rain, snow and spilled cans of Coke… Plus - painting your oven gives you the option of providing a fresh coat of paint each spring which not only provides another layer of protection, but gives your oven that “new oven” look each year.

If you are going to stain or add a dye - be sure to seal your oven with a NON-TOXIC masonry sealer.