Applying Stucco on the Front of the Oven and Chimney - Covering the Firebrick

Ceramic blanket and chicken wire are on, so we are ready to stucco. As we are now planning on finishing the entire over (front facing firebrick and chimney included) with stucco, do we need to do anything special to that exposed firebrick before we cover with stucco?

If you get any stucco on the firebrick, just wash it off w/ a damp sponge and clean water.

Just be sure to use a small amount of stucco when working around the front of the oven - to keep it manageable on your trowel.

Don’t stucco the firebrick - just the Chicken Wire / Blanket.

Sorry for the confusion. We would like to cover the entire thing with stucco, a la this photo. So wondering if we have to prep the exposed firebrick in the front and on the chimney with something before we apply the stucco. Will the stucco stick, and can it withstand the heat at the front of the oven without insulation?
Thanks for your help. This project (and this forum) are awesome.

Ahhh… I read that wrong!

To get that look in the FRONT of the oven, you will need to extend the blanket & chicken wire to the front arch (as you applied it on the entire oven).

The stucco requires the chicken wire (acts like rebar - keeps the stucco rock-solid)… and the stucco requires ceramic fiber blanket (where you see stucco - there is blanket underneath to prevent the stucco from cracking if the oven gets a hairline crack).

The Rainwater Over is a beautiful oven and they did a fantastic job taking pictures of their outdoor fireplace and pizza oven! But, we didn’t receive any pics of the blanket wrapping process. It went from firebrick to stucco… no blanket pics. But if you look closely at the depth, you will see the stucco is about an 1" - 1.5" in depth from the front of the oven. So there is blanket and chicken wire under that stucco.

Since your blanket is on and the oven is wrapped in chx wire, I would suggest:

Remove the chicken wire you have already attached and discard. Grab another box of Ceramic Fiber Blanket and apply a layer of blanket around the front of the oven and on all 4 sides of the chimney (To best insulate the oven - 2 layers of blanket on the front / back and 3 layers on the sides / top). Once ALL of the firebrick is covered in blanket, rewrap w/ chicken wire (including the front and chimney) and carefully apply stucco starting from the bottom.

Plz be sure to take pics and let us know / share your progress!


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Do you built it by yourself? I also want to build something like that!

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A basic rule of thumb -

Anywhere you apply stucco, you want to have ceramic fiber blanket under that stucco.

The blanket will prevent any hairline cracks from transferring to the stucco.

All you need is 1 layer of blanket.

Welcome to the BrickWood forum, Julius!

I agree, that is one sharp-looking build. Like pretty much anything in the galleries you’ll find on this site, almost all of them started with that question…and that remark. :slight_smile:

Are you in the “just looking” stage of a project, or are you already building an oven?

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