Applying the Rutland Rope Gasket Kit to your Pizza Oven Door

How do you recommend adding the rope gasket to the back of the door? Would you add it so it fits inside the permiter of the oven so the door is flush against the brick or should it be added on the edge of the perimeter of the door so it rests on the brick??



Grapho-Glas Rope Gasket Kit - Rutland Rope Gasket & High-Temp Silicone


  1. Put on the blue gloves and open the tube of High-Temp Silicone. Or vice-versa… it’s up to you.

  2. Position the Grapho-Glas® rope gasket around the INSIDE EDGE on the BACK SIDE of the door. Start by the TOP of the LEFT FLANGE and lay flat until you reach the TOP of the RIGHT FLANGE. Don’t pull or stretch the rope. You do not need rope on the top of the flange.

  3. Apply the silicone 1/2” from the edge of the door. For best results, work in small sections – don’t silicone the entire door at one time.

  4. You got this! Go ahead and bring it on home!

  5. Gently flip the oven door over and place the door (rope side down) on one of the pieces of foam that came with the door. Make sure the flange is hanging off the foam so the weight of the door is pressing the rope firmly against door while it cures for 24 – 48 hours.

If you have already used your door prior to attaching the gasket, be sure to clean area you are applying the silicone with alcohol, acetone or fine-grain sandpaper to remove any soot, smoke, creosote, dirt, dust and dried-on pizza goo.

Thanks. I see you recommend the silicone seal that is rated up to 450 degrees. They also make one rated up to 650 degrees? While it only comes in red which is not great, the extra temperature seems worth it? Thoughts?


Hey, Mark,

I haven’t gotten temperature readings off the door that exceed 450°F, but that doesn’t mean a higher-temp seal would be unnecessary. As you point out, the 650°F sealant only comes in red, which for those scoring at home should ring a bell because it’s the same sealant used for the base plate on the DuraTech chimney cap kit. In my opinion it’s not going to be visible beyond the gasket margins, so as far as appearance goes it’s fine.

Another consideration might make a difference to you: the supplied 450°F sealant is certified as “food safe” by the National Sanitation Foundation. Unlike the chimney cap, where your hot gases are on their way out of the oven and the flow is always up and out—the door and its gasket are going to seal gases in and some of them will be convected back and over whatever you are cooking.

In my opinion the chances of there being a hazard from the higher-temp sealant are very low, but it is possible that something noxious might come in contact with whatever you are cooking.

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Is this gasket material used to/can it be used to make up 1/2" of gap between the door and my oven opening?

Hi Robert,

In short, yes. The gasket does not sit in a seat or groove, so the full bulk of the rope stands proud to the door surface.

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