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Hey all, trip to Europe is finished and now it’s time to finish this oven! I’ve attached pictures so far. We put an extra insulation blanket so that’s why it looks more “poofy”. We’ve decided to build a roof and sides to it and cover with stone veneer. Since we live in Oregon and want to use it all winter we thought this added protection of a roof is the safest bet. For any of you starting out, just know neither one of us knew what the heck at all we were doing and now it’s done except for the fun “pretty” part…although all of the build was fun except getting those poured concrete slabs up on the base, that killed. The base was all “male” power of one, and the oven build was all “female” power of one…just so you know anyone can do this. Thanks Matt for your help with questions along the way. I will put final pictures up once we’ve finished the aesthetics.

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Welcome back friends!

Thank you for that affirmation that this project is neither “male” nor “female.” I know @BrickWood would be the first to say this is a project that can be completed by anyone who wants to add a little pizza (and many other foods) to their life and repertoire. I should also add “anyone who knows to ask for help when they need it”…and let’s face it, getting four high school football players to help with those slabs just makes sense. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear about the double insulation. It is nice in the summer but necessary for winter cooking to retain as much heat as possible.

This is a beautiful setting for your oven, and I can tell the aesthetics will be important to you. The roof system over your completed oven will complement the pergola nicely.

Keep us posted, and I’ll be eager to see how your final project looks!

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