Barile Grande Slab on Barile Base

So here’s my conundrum:

I poured a footing slab for the Barile years ago and have finally gotten around to finishing it

I have (of course) since decided as our family grows I want to place a Barile Grande on it, I have yet to pour the hearth slab and have a choice to make:

  1. place the Barile grande on the regular Barile hearth slab

  2. pour the Barile grande slab (which is 4” longer and same width) and have it overhang 2” extra front and back which from my lay persons standpoint shouldn’t be an issue (I’m also pouring it with 6000psi concrete because from some reason 5000psi isn’t available)

Thoughts? What am I missing here?

Hi, and welcome to the BrickWood forum!

Good for you picking this project back up.

You definitely need the Grande hearth slab. It wouldn’t be terrible front to back, but you won’t have enough room side to side.

My opinion is that you can just go ahead and build on the base you already have. There is a ton (literally) of slack in the specs, and you have concrete that is way overspec.

Just be attentive when you place the three parts of the hearth slab and make absolutely sure you are centering them correctly on the base. That’s in the category of “abundance of caution” rather than any real sense on my part that you’d have a problem. The load will still carry down to the base slab and then to your gravel underneath that, where it is dissipated across a wide area.

Good luck with your build, and hope your growing family enjoys the end result!

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That sounds great I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the help