Big Mike's Oven

Sorry that i dropped off the site for awhile. I did want to report that i did complete the oven before the end of the summer. So when i say complete, i mean i can cook it it. I still have some work to do to make it “pretty” for the misses. Need to finishe the stack stone on the sides of it. Build a door jam and make a door for the from. We were able to fire her up about 6 times before we put her to bed for the winter. Such a great experience to build it and what a center piece to out outdoor patio area.
I was a bit worried about being able to build it. I have a new found respect for masons. Trying to get the mortar to the correct consistency and work quickly before it got to dry was a constant challenge. But reading the posts here and the quick responses, were helpful. So thanks to all of you!

Big Mike is happy!!
Will post all the pics when the oven is truly done!
Thanks again all!


What an awesome job, Mike! It’s important to finish it so it will be pleasing to the eye…but looking at photo 6, with a gorgeous mushroom pie basking in front of that open flame, it looks amazingly finished to me. :slight_smile:

I’m wondering about the rack I see in front of your logs. Is that free-standing, and what’s your reason for using it?

It’s going to look even better when the stone work is finished, but thanks for sharing these photos!

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Hey Matt, Thanks! So i will post a better pic of that, It is a home made andiron.It is free standing and can me moved about the oven or removed. A buddy of mine welded it for me. It may not be the prettiest thing, but it sure works good to place burning logs on a keeping the oven hot and flame roll going across the top of the oven. I follow “The Wood Fired Oven Chef” on you tube. Check him out… he has tons of videos that cooks lots of things besides pizza. He talks a a lot about the mechanics of building and maintaining the fire.
Check him out.


Beautiful Oven Big Mike!

And I really like how you closed off the front of the oven a bit - Looks Great!

Great tip about Andirons! I’ll have our metal guys see what we can do - the initial run will be made out of rebar… but I think we can make a few sets and see how it performs.

Thx for adding To-Do List Item #1763

I’ll add pics once I have something to share.

Thx again Big Mike!

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That would be awesome!
A buddy at work put this together for me. It is not that pretty, but it works great! If you want me to provide dimensions to give a better idea of size, let me know!
Thank for starting this page and company… Your oven designs are awesome my only regret is that i did not build it sooner!!!

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