Brick Veneer Questions


I am almost ready to apply a brick veneer to my oven and block pedestal. I have never installed brick veneer so I am seeking installation tips and lessons learned. I also have some initial questions about the installation.

  1. Should I place a spacer under very first row on the back of the oven or should the first row of the veneer just rest on the brick frame?

  2. Should I seal the red brick frame before installing the veneer?

  3. I plan to use type S mortar to adhere the thin bricks, do I apply the mortar to the thin bricks and /or the oven walls?

  4. Do you grout with type S mortar or do you have to use actual tile grout or something else?

Thanks very much.

I set mine using the same S mortar but I added the bonding agent and acrylic fortifier to my mixes. I set my veneer in a small bed of mortar on the base to start my courses. I would also recommend a mortar bag to fill any gaps.

Thanks for sharing! Can you please elaborate more on what and how much bonding agent you added? I assume you added it to the dry mortar mix? Did you grout with the same mixture?

Much appreciated.

Sure, I used this with each bag I mixed vs straight water. I did use the mortar as my grout as well. That was where the mortar bag came in handy, just try and get a good consistency that isnt too thick but wont run out of the joints.

Mortar Mix

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Another option to add to your mortar mix

Thanks very much, I didn’t even know that additives for mortar existed. This is very helpful, much appreciated.