BrickWood Box Experiences and Builders

I want to build the BrickWood Box, it’s perfect! and exactly what I’m looking for in my backyard.

However, I have two concerns about the design, and would appreciate any feedback from any more experienced pit masters or DIY’ers. Also would love to here from anyone that has built and actually used this smoker (not just purchased the instructions:grinning: )

  1. The fire box is on center at on the bottom, the smoke rises vertically into the chamber on the left and then exits on the right - I’m curious about efficiency and heat consistency here.

  2. I’m concerned the chamber may not hold heat well (given they are two stainless steel doors directly on top).

I’m looking forward to getting to know people here!

I’m replying to this so I don’t forget to reply in the future. I am about 3/4 finished with the Brickwood Box and am in the process of reviewing door options for the smoker. I don’t think we have to be too concerned that the chamber will hold the heat since the steel thickness on most smokers in big box stores is relatively thin. Plus, I assume the key is to keep the heat low and so heat dissipation is probably not a bad thing since we can always add more heat to the fire below. I’ll try to remember to provide an update in the next 3-4 weeks.


Justin, this reply is a little late but I finished the build and the top chamber works perfectly for smoking. I just need to work on managing the heat which will come with a good thermometer but it definitely gets hot.

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Great to hear you are all done w/ your BrickWood Box! Can you attach any pics to this post?

Thx Much!

I’d love to see photos if you can do it, as well. Congratulations on finishing your build!


I still need to work on the pavers. I started with the pizza oven, then decided I could build the box and then kept it going with a kitchen (the plastic is where the built-in grill is going to go). I went with stucco for the base and used a charcoal color mixed in.

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You’ve got the best of all worlds there!

I’m really glad (but not surprised) that it works so well for smoking. I think you nailed it when you observed that the retail smokers can’t come close to this build quality.

In addition to the cooking counter, it looks like there is more patio coming once you are done with your builds.

That’s how we started, too. Once I was done with our oven, my spouse and looked at each other and said, you know, that may have been a lot of hard work but it wasn’t that difficult!

Thanks again for the photos!

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Beautifully done!

And you were very smart to put the BrickWood Box between the pizza oven and the prep table. Many customers tell me that they love the fact that they can use the BrickWood Box as an elevated firepit / fireplace. Having a nice fire on the top section (upper oven) while prepping pizza on your prep table - and talking to friends while baking pizza… makes for a great night!

Fantastic job!

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Sorry for late response…
Another bonus of having both next to each other is added flexibility on my pizza oven fire / start time. If the pizza oven is ready to go sometimes I still have too much wood in it (at raging temps). Rather than having to wait for it to burn down I just shovel a bunch into the brickwood box.

Have a few burgers handy, and there you go!

A classic technique (probably more useful for a long session like roasting a turkey) is to keep a bucket nearby; if your fire is too hot you take some of the live coals out and into the bucket, and if you need some more you put it back in.

But having a BWB right there is even better.