BrickWood Ovens Coupon Code / Promo Code

I Googled “BrickWood Ovens Coupon Code” and a few sites popped-up offering a promo code that doesn’t seem to work. I’m thinking the coupon code wasn’t legit…

You are correct - IT AIN’T LEGIT!

When you see some obscure website with a page title that reads “BrickWood Ovens Coupon Code” or “BrickWood Ovens Promo Code” - it’s clickbait. So you need to be careful clicking on that link (unless you want to test your computers virus software).

We DO send the occasional Promo / Coupon Code via email, but they are ONLY available to subscribers of the BrickWood Ovens Newsletter (which is FREE of course).

To sign-up, simply visit the bottom of any page on our main website and look for this section: