Brickwork around the oven (stucco) shell

Can anyone tell me any best practices when mortaring the bricks around the oven shell? How thick do you make the thin joints between the firebricks? Should I use spacers?

Are you speaking of the Stucco shell that goes over the blanket & chicken wire?

If so, you want that mortar to be thin - about 1/8".

But I wouldn’t apply a firebrick on the outside (if it is the stucco shell you are speaking of).

You want to use a thin brick veneer. Placing a firebrick on the outside of the blanket is not correct.

The oven should look like this (from the inside-to-outside).

Foam oven form. Firebrick. 2 Layers of blanket. Chicken Wire. 2 layers of Stucco. Thin layer of mortar w/ brick veneer attached.

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