Brush Recommendations

Now that I have begun my curing fires, I used my bargain brass brush that I bought on Amazon. It kind of works, but since the rows of bristles on the head are all in line it leaves rows of ash on each sweep.

When it comes to tools, you get what you pay for. Does anyone have a recommendation for a brass brush that does a good job of cleaning the oven floor and not leave rows of ash behind on each sweep?

Thanks very much.

When I was building I purchased the version of the Barile kit that included an American Metalcraft brush. It has held up well for several years, and stands up to the hottest fires.

Here’s a link to the brush with the 60 inch handle. You would also be fine with the 40 inch handle (which is the one I have).

Recommendation: Do not buy another cut-rate brush that has an aluminum handle instead of a wooden one. The aluminum will absorb heat and become too hot to handle, even with gloves, within half a minute.

And related recommendation: If you decide to get a “banjo peel” (smaller head size with perforations, and you use it to rotate pizzas rather than pulling them in and out of the oven), they usually have stainless steel handles. Get one that has a sliding handle and you’ll be manipulating your pies like a champ—without blisters on your palm!

This site is fantastic for learning from those who have been been there, thanks very much for the brush recommendation Matt!

Yes, for the round peel I bought this one earlier this year and it does have a sliding handle:

Since I am in the middle of doing curing fires I haven’t used it to turn any pizzas yet but it has been sturdy enough to shuffle wood and embers around.

My oven’s interior color is slowly changing from tan to black, a sign of progress!


Check out GI Metal. Their stuff is not cheap but it is professional grade.