Building a Mattone Barile Oven Into a Covered Extended Patio With Chimney

I have been contracted to build a covered extended patio with fireplace and pizza oven, the Barile Grande is the homeowners choice. After reading this thread, and others about the chimney height, I wonder if you have comments/suggestions of this modified design. I understand chimney will need to be moved to front of the structure.

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Well… that’s just gorgeous!

Please be sure to take TONS of pictures (& videos) of this project from start to finish! I’m sure we’ll have a special place on our Photo Gallery for a project like this!! :wink:

First - Don’t worry about the chimney height. The taller the chimney, the better the draw (to a point), but many, many customers have built their chimneys this tall w/ no reported issues.

  1. Make sure you close off the front of the oven a tad to ensure you force the smoke out the chimney vs. rolling out the front of the oven.

  2. Don’t worry about trimming / cutting the bricks in the back of the oven as they will not be visible.

  3. Wrap the oven w/ 2 layers of Ceramic Fiber Blanket and attach with Chicken Wire (NO STUCCO NEEDED). Then dump a couple of bags of VERMICULITE or PERLITE on top of the enclosed oven to insulate the oven.

This looks like an AWE$$$OME project so please be sure to keep us updated on your progress (and again - LOTS OF PICS!!!)

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Thanks so much!

I appreciate your quick response.

As long as the chimney is a front of oven, heat for cooking should be good? We are using your door…

Also - the fiber blanket was sitting in the box and got wet from rain :grimacing: Is it ruined or can it be dried and still used??

Thank you!

Hi Denise, and congratulations on getting started!

Not ideal, but also not a problem. The blanket is made from spun mineral fiber, so in itself it does not really absorb water. Some of the binding agents used to hold the fiber may just a bit.

Put on gloves, mask, long sleeves, and eye protection, then roll it out in a sheltered space where it can sit for a few days and allow any water to evaporate. Keep people and animals away from it. The fibers are similar to fiberglass, but they are not inert. That’s one reason why BrickWood makes sure this blanket (which is one of the very best for oven insulation, and is used widely in commercial products) is encased between the firebrick and the outer stucco shell.

I hope this helps, and very much looking forward to seeing photos when these plans turn into actual brick and mortar!

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Thank you for the response. I’ve got it laid out, hopefully it will dry out.