Building a pizza oven under a covered porch or patio

Is it possible to build the Mattone Barile on a covered porch? If yes, are there any extra precautions which need to be taken?

We suggest / recommend that you do NOT build your pizza oven or any wood-burning device in or near any covered structure.

2 reasons why…

  1. City, County, State, HOA’s… they all have rules on how far a “solid fuel burning device” can be located near a home (or any standing structure). It doesn’t matter if it’s a UL certified or hand-built pizza oven… This why we recommend a minimum of 6ft from any structure, but also highly recommend you check w/ your local ordinances prior to construction.

  2. Because your homeowners insurance may have some fine print forbidding a indoor wood-fired oven. Simple example… there’s a good chance your homeowners insurance forbids ownership of Rottweilers, German Shepherds &/or American Shire Terriers (aka - Pitbulls). If you have this type of dog and it bites a child or delivery person, your coverage says you’re SOL. Same with indoor or covered ovens. So be sure to contact your local insurance agent to verify your homeowner policy prior to construction.

I built mine under cover. Actually, I guilt the oven first and then the cover. Mine is not wood burning though. I am using a gas burner.


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