Can DuraTech Exhaust Components interconnect to Selkirk Exhaust Components?

I have a Selkirk exhaust kit - but really want to connect your DuraTech chimney damper between my Selkirk Anchor Plate and Chimney Cap. Will it fit correctly? Can both brands interconnect?

When you place both products side-by-side… they look identical.

A DuraTech Anchor Plate looks just like a Selkirk Anchor Plate.
A DuraTech Chimney Pipe looks just like a Selkirk Chimney Pipe.
A DuraTech Chimney Cap looks just like a Selkirk Chimney Cap.

But when you try to connect a DuraTech Chimney Pipe or Chimney Cap to a Selkirk Anchor Plate (or vice-versa), you are going to discover they are not identical - and don’t fit correctly.

Only DuraTech works with DuraTech… and only Selkirk works with Selkirk.

And before you ask, the DuraTech Damper Pipe won’t fit the Selkirk system - it wont. Sorry.