Can I make a mobile or portable pizza oven with one of your pizza oven kits?

Can I make a Portable Pizza Oven with your Kits? Or do you sell a mobile / portable wood fired pizza oven that we can take on the road? We are looking to sell at Farmer’s Markets, Fairs and School Events.

At this time, we do not build a mobile / portable wood fired pizza oven for commercial purposes. In addition, we DO NOT recommend anyone building a pizza oven on a trailer for commercial purposes - be it a BrickWood Ovens oven… or ANY other oven brand. It is not a simple (or legal) as it may seem.

  1. DEATH & LAWSUITS - Let’s start with the most important negative of a mobile pizza oven. When you are pulling a 2-ton pizza oven down the road, you are not only putting your life at risk, but also the lives of those around you. Here is a link to a story that really hit home for me (as the father of two small boys). In 2015, two young boys in California were seriously injured and lost their father to a incorrectly secured / disconnected mobile pizza oven that was attached to a faulty trailer. Lawsuits and manslaughter charges are still pending.

  2. COSTS - Building a mobile pizza oven on a DOT approved trailer is not inexpensive. Once the oven is built, you STILL have to have the trailer recertified by the DOT - and that’s more time and $$$.

  3. SEARCH ONLINE FOR A USED MOBILE PIZZA OVEN - Just like treadmills, elliptical machines and stair climbers, DOT approved mobile pizza ovens are all over Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Before you plunk down 1000’s of dollars on a new unit, look online for a good, used unit. You may have to drive a couple hundred miles to look at / buy one - but if you’re serious about starting a mobile pizza oven business, a couple hundred miles is a small price to pay to save some dough! Used Vending lists hundreds, if not thousands of USED food trucks, mobile pizza ovens, etc…

Before you begin a mobile pizza oven - make sure you review this article about Starting a Mobile Pizza Oven Business.

And finally… if you do start a mobile pizza oven business… please make sure you extinguish the fire in your oven BEFORE you get back on the road!