Can I use a Marble Slab for the Pizza Oven Base?

I have a large marble slab I would like to use instead of pouring concrete. One side is untreated. Is the vermiculite a necessity?

Could I use the slab, add vermiculite and then sand?

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You’re going to want to use high-strength concrete w/ rebar to support that 1000+ lb pizza oven.

While the marble (and other natural stone / rock) looks great, they do NOT handle heat very well and are prone to crack. And w/out rebar in that slab, the bottom of your marble slab could easily crack, break, crumble and fail (over a period of time). But rebar and high-strength concrete will never fail.

Save that Marble Slab… heck, you could even open a Marble Slab Creamery franchise. You’re already halfway there :slight_smile:

But seriously - make sure you build the base to our specs and you will never, ever have an issue (that’s why we get such great product reviews - everything we offer or recommend is bulletproof).

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