Can I use Gas and Wood in my pizza oven

My first of probably many questions is the possibility and implications of trying to modify one of your pizza oven kits for dual fuel operation. Specifically being able to use wood or propane for a heat source.

The goal would be to have the option of going all out and doing wood fired pizza’s and breads once in a while, but also maintain the convenience of using propane for the smaller jobs.

I followed the references for propane burners from the website so I know that’s possible but I’m concerned that ash/coals from a ‘dirty’ fuel source like wood could degrade/clog the flame spreader when the situation calls for the full monty.

TLDR can Wood fires and propane flame units cohabitate in the same oven (not necessarily being used at the same time or even on the same preparation)?

Propane and Natural Gas options require a bit of pre-planning before you build your base (as you want to run a gas pipe through the base slab).

As for you concern about the clogging of the fuel burner due to wood soot and/or ash - don’t worry, here’s why:

  1. You will have a 1/2" - 3/4" opening around the gas burner in the hearth (cooking area) and base. Wood and coal ash will fall through this opening before it touches your burner. Obviously, you don’t want to slam a brush full of ash into the burner… so keep your burner on one side of the oven and your wood fire on the other.

  2. A local metal shop can create a small 3-sided / stainless steel shield that you can use to block the burner mechanism from the wood & coal. Very simple to build - 3 sides - each side is 3" in length with a 45 degree bend. On the bottom, there is a 1" flange to keep it upright. This will allow the burner to function and shield the burner from wood if you choose to burn both at the same time.

  3. If the burner should ever get clogged, simply detach the burner and clean the burner nozzles w/ a toothpick or a wire shirt hanger.

I guess we should add - Make sure you turn the burner off BEFORE you attempt to clean the nozzle. Safety First!

Hope that answers your question…

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