Can I use pool filter CelaPerl lightweight Perlite?

I’m having a hard time finding Vermiculite or Perlite or Insulating Castable due to COVID. I found a pool supply store where I will be buying my Silica Sand, they also have 25lbs bags of Perlite under the brand name CelaPerl. Does anyone know if I can use that?

Really? Nothing in your local Homedepot or Lowes? Check their garden section there are heaps of the stuff and very cheap. I don’t know Celaperl but reading the description it should work too.

Sold out. Everything has been sold out, gravel, mortar, etc. they have one 8oz bag and that is at a homedepot 20 minutes away.

I brought my perlite at a nursery. I believe it was a 25 pound bag. But that was two years ago.

Do you know the Grade of that Perlite / Vermiculite? You want to stay in Grade 1 or Grade 2 if possible.

Once you get into Grade 3 & 4, it gets pretty chunky (around 1/2" - 3/4").

We can ship you a 4cf bag of Perlite (but we are located in the tip-top left corner of the US - so it might take a few days to get to you).

Since you need it ASAP you can order from ULINE and they can have it to you by tomorrow via UPS. The only caveat is you have to buy 2 bags at one time ($$). You’ll use about 3/4 of one bag, so you can put that extra bag on Craigslist… or use it to build a BrickWood Box!

Call the PRO DESK at HD or Lowes and see if they can order a bag or have a bag transferred from another store. Make sure you reach the PRO DESK… not just the first person that answers the phone. Trust me.

ALSO - Make sure you check the INDOOR PLANTS & Supplements section (see pic below). I was looking for some CoCo Liners the other day and found 3 different brands of Perlite / Vermiculite at HD… but they were located in the INDOOR PLANTS section.