Can you put the Barile Series oven on a cart with wheels?

While the idea of putting an oven on wheels is cool, a properly built Mattone Barile Oven weighs in around 3000lbs… Unless you are mixing steroids into your pizza toppings, you might not have the body strength to move that amount of weight… Plus, you really don’t want to move any firebrick oven around as the rolling vibration can possibly cause unwanted hairline cracking between the firebrick and mortar joints.

But all is not lost… If you really need to move your oven around, you should consider the Cortile Barile or the smaller 28" Mattone Cupola ovens since they are built with Castable Refractory which gets crazy-hard when cured. Also, they are considerably lighter in weight (about 900lbs) so wheeling them around your home wont cause an unwanted hernia!

Your next question will probably be, “Great! Where can I get a cart?”. While we don’t fabricate / sell carts for our ovens at this time, your local Metal Fabrication shop can make one for you. Simply Google Map “Metal Fabrication” and your Zip Code and several shops in your area will appear. Call around - get the best price!