Can you recommend a door thermometer, probe or laser thermometer that I can use for our wood-fired oven

Pizza oven door thermometers are great… if you want to know the temp of area around the thermometer stem. That only tells you one temp - Big Whew…

And skip installing temperature probes into the wood-fired oven. That’s more work / trouble than it’s worth.

All you need is an inexpensive laser thermometer that will tell you the surface temp of any area of the oven you point the laser at. Just make sure the thermometer you select goes to 1000°F or a bit higher.


When you want to bake, I use this simple stand thermometer on a cold firebrick that is cut in half. This way, the thermometer reading is not off-set by the blazing temperatures of the firebrick hearth / cooking surface.


If you are dead-set on getting a good-quality temperature gauge for your pizza oven door… the kind that has a stem… look no further than the [Cooper-Atkins 2225-20 Stainless Steel Industrial Flange Mount Thermometer with a 200° to 1000° Temperature Range.